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About the “Northern Zoos” journal under aegis of the IANZ on the workshop in Yakutsk.

Dear colleagues,

We have a suggestion to organize (arrange) the Working Group for publication the journal with the working title “Northern Zoos” under aegis of the IANZ on the workshop in Yakutsk.

The final cause is commercial; to get additional finance funds, also for discharging further expences of organization further meetings of the IANZ.

Financing of the journal:

1. Every Zoo pay in the IANZ for publication of the journal equal sum of money. In this case organizational fees to the Association are abolished.

2. Coaxing our sponsors. This way circulation of the journal can be increased. Whereas the journal has international significance, to our mind, some sponsors would like to present their interests in different regions and countries.

Circulation of the journal can be published and electronic, with the use of web-site of Zoos (for those who has such possibility).

The structure and contents of the journal

1. Founder is the IANZ

2. quantity of pages – not less then 50

3. paper is luster

4. regularity – one publish in three months

5. date of the publication beginning: the first quarter, 2009

6. language of the publication: Russian, English, Chinese, Finnish

7. contents and divisions of the journal:

7.1. information about Northern Zoos – members of the IANZ

7.2. systematic list of the Zoos’ animals (it can be published once a year)

7.3. information about working group of the IANZ (the theme of the subject, elucidation of the group workshop course)

7.4. news in the Northern Zoos (events, plans)

7.5. veterinary medicine (new methods, considering problematic questions connected with medical treatment and diseases preventiveness of wild animals)

7.6. new methods in enrichment of inhabit surroundings for animals in condition of the Zoo

7.7. building activity and modernization of Zoos (problems, use of modern technologies and materials, plans, schemes of aviaries and safety)

7.8. keeping of endangered species in condition of Zoo

7.9. horticulture(articles about interesting rare plants, care and maintenance)

7.10. alive corner (practical text-book about keeping some species of animals in home, kindergartens, schools, main requirements)

7.11. Children section – youthful biologists of the Zoos, activities in ecological upbringing and enlighten of children, different competitions)

We ask you to make proposals and remarks before August, 2009.

Luka Safonov
Director of “Orto-Doydu” Zoo
The Working Group Chair



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